Sustainable Design + Building Research

At Wood Works Homes we are acutely aware of the impact our work has on the broader environment. From energy use to our waste stream and materials, there is always more to learn and more to do in the areas of Building Science and Sustainability.

Over the years we have been committed to a variety of sustainable operations, design and building practices that have allowed us to build up a repertoire of sustainable components to implement into our designs. In 2022 we had the opportunity to refocus our efforts post pandemic to overhaul our building systems in an effort to go carbon neutral on three frontiers. Our operations, our materials, and our buildings. In pursuit of that goal, here is what we are doing.

Purchasing enough wind power to offset our vehicles fuel usage and electricity use on site and at our facilities.

Working with local waste disposal companies to develop a recycling program for our on site operations.

Developing new wall systems and building techniques to maintain budgets while achieving high performance, low energy, carbon neutral wall systems.

Working with local mills to supply our timber for our framing and finishes. They are using waste biomass fired kilns to dry our lumber.

Designing our houses with a lumber and species balance that reflects the quantity and species distribution found in our local eco systems. Our houses material demands should support a forest that is in ecological harmony.

Working to bring education and awareness to better building systems and materials.

Working to develop a business to convert our waste stream into value added products.

Field Testing and using biologically based, sustainable products to detoxify the built environment and bring it into alignment with natural ecosystems.